Asian catholic saints

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Memorial of saint joseph the worker. Worked at palestine, greece, egypt, and italy and died on 165 (aged 65) in rome, roman empire. Worked at israel, palestine and died on 1 march 589 in rome, papal states. Worked at roman empire and died on philip: 80 a. Solemnity of saint joseph husband of the blessed virgin mary. Born on 1185 ad in israel, asia. Worked at nazareth and died on 1st century, prior to the passion, of natural causes in nazareth.

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Catholic saint of the day

Asian catholic saints. Born on between 256-285 ad in palestinian territories, asia. Worked at jerusalem and died on 386 ad (aged 73) in jerusalem, syria palaestina. Memorial of saint justin martyr. Solemnity of birth of saint john the baptist. James: 62 ad in philip: hierapolis, anatolia, roman empire. Worked at roman empire and died on 23 april 303 in nicomedia, bithynia, roman empire.


Memorial of saint george of lydda. Born on 1st century bc in israel, asia.