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We want to see our race improve and go higher in evolution. Now get the hell out of my office, goddamn it. I watched him die. You are totally right my bro hitler ithe greatest personality who maked usa scared just think on one side 14 countries together and on one side only 3 germany japan and italy military was only shared with italy and he was deffending also us defeated him by frod by talking help of hollywood read on wikipedia if you not trust germany was first who maked us scared just think how powerful germany was i am not german but i respect germany army who did a great work jews were killed this is right 6.

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Badman no suck. I didn’t come here to thank you. Ra’s al ghul is dead. Water supply won’t help you disperse an inhalant. The real israelites and judahites are the white germanic scandinavian peoples of northern europe. There is nothing that can rationalize that.


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6- i understand if you believe that the holocaust has been exaggerated,but to render hitler completely innocent without any real proof is just stupid. Tried searching in spotify, youtube, soundcloud, tunefind, google.

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